Tales from the campaign trail (part 1)

Door Knocking in Coalville

Many of us still call it canvassing whilst some prefer the term ‘door knocking’ but whatever you call it, talking to voters on their own doorstep has always been the cornerstone of an election campaign.  So at the start of …

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£9000 tuition fees are a failed experiment; it is time to put the future of our young people first

tuition fees pigYou will often hear politicians of all colours singing the praises of higher education and how it can transform the prospects of people from deprived backgrounds. But with rising inequality and a cost of living crisis hitting students as well …

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Raising Awareness of Rare Diseases in Europe

Glenis and Vytenis Andriukaitis 2Saturday 28th February is European Rare Disease Day 2015, which aims to raise awareness of rare diseases and the impact they have on the lives of people who suffer from them.

A rare disease affects fewer than 5 in …

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We need to act now to protect access to medicines in the EU

pillsAccess to medicines is increasingly under threat in EU Member States, and prices for innovative drugs are continuing to rise. Most recently, a breakthrough in Hepatitis C treatment, Sofosbuvir, has been priced at £33,000 for a 12 week course …

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Labour have long been fighting against tax cheats in the EU

Glenis No Tax Haven

Tax avoidance, tax evasion and tax havens cost €1 trillion of tax revenue every year in the EU, a staggering amount when so many of our economies are struggling, and so many cuts have been made to public services.

Avoiding …

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More than Jam and Jerusalem

WIThis year marks the centenary of one of Britain’s most well-known (and well-loved) voluntary organisations – the National Federation of Women’s Institutes – or W.I.

The first WI meeting was held in Anglesey on 16 September 1915, and  it has …

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UKIP are the party of vested interests and tax cheats, not “the little man”

First published by LabourList, February 2015

TUKIPhis week Nigel Farage claimed UKIP was the only party “standing up for the little man” – at the same time his MEPs were voting for vested interests and greedy tax avoiders …

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EU energy efficiency laws: all roast and no waste

gas flame 2How about this for a good deal: reduce your energy bills by around £36 per year, get more information on sensible buys, and Britain buying less energy from abroad. Well that’s exactly what new energy efficiency measures proposed by …

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A hopeful, positive campaign from Ed Miliband

Ed MilibandThey say that the politics of hope always wins over the politics of fear and division; that is exactly the message Ed Miliband will be sending in the run-up to this year’s general election.

It will be the most important …

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