Labour MEP joins calls for tough action to combat drink driving in EU


An East Midlands MEP has joined with colleagues from across the EU to demand tougher action to bring down the number of drink driving deaths on Europe’s roads. MEPs have written to the European Commission asking them to toughen their …

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Local Euro MP reaffirms commitment to the people of Kashmir and calls for European Parliament hearing

Kashir Group 1

Glenis Willmott, East Midlands MEP, co-founder and co-chair of the Friends of Kashmir group in the European Parliament, has been discussing human rights abuses and obstacles to justice in Kashmir as part of Kashmir-EU week.

Glenis Willmott met this week …

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UK MEPs tell Cameron to opt in to EU-wide solution to refugee crisis

MEPs from Labour, the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats have written a joint letter to David Cameron today calling for the UK to opt in to an EU-wide refugee relocation scheme.

Glenis Willmott MEP, Labour’s Leader in the European …

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Increase in zero-hour contracts in UK – Labour MEPs call for EU action


The number of people on zero-hours contracts continues to rise under the Tories. Labour MEPs have taken the issue to the European Parliament and have called on the European Commission and national governments to take urgent action.

The total number …

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Common sense on cloning farm animals: just because we can, doesn’t mean we should


It’s been almost 20 years since Dolly the Sheep was headline news.

As the first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell, she symbolised another step into a brave new world of scientific advancement.

But with new technical developments …

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Labour MEP votes for EU ban on cloning of farm animals


An East Midlands MEP today voted for an EU ban on the cloning of farm animals.

MEPs backed a ban on the use of cloning in animal production for farm purposes of all animal species, and a ban on food …

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Cameron should be working for EU-wide answer to refugee crisis, not acting in isolation

An East Midlands MEP has welcomed the announcement that Britain will resettle 20,000 Syrian refugees over the next five years, but called on the Prime Minister to do more to work for an EU-wide solution to the crisis.

Glenis Willmott, …

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East Midlands MEP votes for stronger EU crackdown on “barbaric” trade in seal products

Labour MEPs will vote today to strengthen the EU ban on the trade in seal products, bringing it in to line with World Trade Organisation (WTO) standards.

Glenis Willmott, Labour MEP for the East Midlands, said:

“Since the existing EU …

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Letter to Martin Schulz: Refugee Crisis

Dear President Schulz,

I am writing to you regarding the growing refugee crisis in Europe. Like many of my colleagues from across the European Parliament, I have been appalled by the harrowing images and news stories that have emerged from …

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Local MEP: “Workers’ rights must remain at heart of EU”

gw picAn East Midlands MEP today welcomed news that the UK would not be seeking an opt-out on EU employment protections, but called for continued vigilance against threats to workers’ rights.

Glenis Willmott, Labour MEP for the East Midlands, said:

“Any …

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