Local MEP demands tougher food inspections

burgerAn East Midlands Euro MP voted yesterday for stricter inspections across the food chain and stringent penalties for food fraud.

The European Parliament voted through measures to ensure inspections on food businesses are independent, transparent and rigorous, with MEPs also …

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Labour MEPs say no to mega trucks

mega trucksLabour MEPs voted today to keep Britain’s roads free from mega trucks, which weigh up to 60 tonnes and reaching 25 metres in length.  Mega trucks are already used for freight transportation in some European countries but are not able …

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New EU clinical trial rules will ensure Tamiflu scandal won’t happen in future

clinical trials microscopeNew clinical trials transparency measures, voted through by the European Parliament last week, will prohibit companies from suppressing data and putting lives at risk.

This week it was revealed Roche, the drug company behind Tamiflu, withheld vital information on its …

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Local MEP Disappointed by Mine Closure Decision

A local Euro MP has expressed her disappointment at the Government’s decision to allow two of Britain’s remaining coal mines to close.

The announcement means Thoresby Colliery in Nottinghamshire will close by next year, with the loss of at least …

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Pharma company drops transparency challenge following new Labour-led law

ClinicalTrialsJust one day after the European Parliament approved transparency measures for clinical trials, pharmaceutical company AbbVie have announced they are dropping their court case against the European Medicines Agency for attempting to publish clinical trial data.

Glenis Willmott MEP steered …

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Delight at overwhelming vote

laboratoryIn Brussels last night, the European Parliament voted by 594 votes to 17 to support new rules for clinical trials across Europe.  The new laws were taken through Parliament by East Midlands Labour MEP Glenis Willmott.

Glenis said: “I am …

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337,000 jobs at risk across the East Midlands

factory workerA third of a million jobs across the East Midlands are being put at risk by talk of Britain leaving the EU, the Region’s Labour MEP has said.

A new report earlier this week revealed that 337,000 jobs in the …

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Publish ALL Clinical Trials – Labour call

clinical trials microscopeMEPs will vote tomorrow on a wide-ranging package of transparency measures for clinical trial data. 

Studies have shown that around half of all clinical trials are never published, and negative results are less likely to be reported than positive results. …

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New rights for holidaymakers

Family on beach]#People who buy package holidays should be given stronger rights.

So says local MEP Glenis Willmott who, with her Labour colleagues in the European Parliament, voted yesterday to give greater protection to holidaymakers by pushing for stronger rights for people …

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Local Euro MP votes to make anti-union discrimination and blacklisting illegal

Hard Hat istockAcross Europe, it will be illegal to blacklist workers or discriminate on the grounds of trade union membership or activities, after Labour MEPs voted for key data protection legislation today.

The move comes after it was revealed that thousands of …

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