Data protection: protecting fundamental rights and keeping people safe

Data profile folder labeled "confidential" in filing cabinettection is all about finding the balance. We need to protect our fundamental rights, but also ensure the safety of people across the EU.

This week MEPs voted through the EU data protection package and we now have …

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Local Labour MEP supports EU’s Erasmus+ student exchange scheme to include more disadvantaged young people

Local Labour MEerasmus-vet-fbP, Dame Glenis Willmott, voted this week for a report calling for the EU’s Erasmus+ student exchange programme to be extended to more disadvantaged young people, for example those in vocational training, who cannot currently access the …

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EU adopts Labour proposals for tax transparency: including country-by-country reporting and list of tax havens

Glenis-No-Tax-Haven Resized

The European Commission announced new proposals to tackle tax dodging by multinational corporations, including public country-by-country reporting and a common list of tax havens – proposals contained in a Labour report approved by MEPs last year.

East Midlands MEP, Glenis …

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MEPs back Labour paper calling on the EU to defend industries against unfair trading practices

SteelworksMEPs on the European Parliament industry, research and energy committee voted today for a Labour report calling for the EU to take all necessary measures to defend European industries against uncompetitive practices, including the dumping of cheap steel into the …

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Labour MEPs vote for EU ban on antibiotic use that hampers fight against antimicrobial resistance

Labour McowsEPs voted today to ban the routine use antibiotics on healthy animals to help fight antimicrobial resistance.

Glenis Willmott MEP, Labour’s European Parliament spokesperson on health, said:

“The continued widespread use of antimicrobials on European farms not only …

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Local Labour MEP backs EU scheme that provides milk for UK schoolchildren

Cute little girl drinking milk

Children across Europe will eat and drink more healthily thanks to a vote this week in the European Parliament on new legislation which will give EU countries the option to freely distribute fruit, vegetables and milk in schools.

The changes …

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Labour MEPs: Rise in zero-hours contracts highlights need for urgent action



Labour MEPs today reiterated calls for urgent action to tackle zero-hours contracts, following the latest figures showing a rise in their usage in the UK.

Eight hundred and one thousand people were employed on a zero-hours contract between October-December …

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EU asylum policies must protect women and children

On International Women’s Day the European Parliament voted for a Labour MEP’s report calling for urgent action to ensure EU asylum policies protect vulnerable women and children.

Recommendations include greater safety and security for the most vulnerable refugees; the use …

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International Women’s Day- European Parliament to put gender equality at heart of decision-making

Today, LabWe Can Do Itour MEPs voted to include gender equality in every aspect of its decision-making and legislation.

The plan aims to ensure women’s rights and equality, as well as rights of LGBTIQ persons, will be taken into account in all …

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Local Euro MP calling for stronger EU-wide rules on hunting trophies

Tiger in cageThis World Wildlife Day, 3rd March, a local Euro MP is supporting calls to consider a complete ban on importing or exporting hunting trophies in the EU.

Glenis Willmott, Labour MEP for the East Midlands, has signed a European Parliament …

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