UK government follows Labour MEPs’ lead on plain cigarette packaging laws

cig 2Labour MEPs have welcomed today’s announcement that, despite a number of U-turns, the UK government has agreed to move forward with the plain packaging of cigarettes. Questions have been asked, though, about why it has taken the government so long …

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Labour MEP welcomes EU investment in former Derbyshire colliery site

An East Midlands MEP has welcomed a £6 million investment from the EU into a former colliery site near Bolsover that has been derelict for decades. Thanks to a project led by Derbyshire County Council, the site is being transformed …

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Labour MEP leads calls for origin labelling for meat in processed foods

Baked Pasta Ready MealLabour MEP has led a vote in the European Parliament’s environment, health and food safety committee calling for the origin of meat in all processed foods to be clearly labelled.

Glenis Willmott MEP co-sponsored the resolution calling for mandatory country …

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Labour MEP delighted at lifting of EU mango ban

green mangoesAn East Midlands MEP is delighted and relieved after EU chiefs announced today that a ban on Indian mangoes will be lifted. The ban was put in place during May 2014 over concerns of fruit flies contaminating shipments. After “significant …

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Labour MEP challenges Commission on wild animals in circuses

Tiger in cage

An East Midlands MEP has challenged the EU’s laws on keeping animals in captivity and asked if the Commission would consider a ban on wild animals in circuses. Zoos across the EU must take part in research or training to …

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Labour MEP demands answers from Juncker after verdict on Amazon’s Luxembourg love in

gw picLabour MEPs demanded fresh answers from European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker following today’s damning report into Luxembourg’s tax regime during his reign as prime minister.

In a preliminary finding, the Commission says Amazon’s tax arrangements in Luxembourg probably constitute “state …

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Labour MEP calls for end to poverty related diseases

Anneliese DODDS, Catherine STIHLER, Linda McAVAN, Seb DANCE, Glenis WILLMOTT, Richard HOWITT, Paul BRANNEN, Lucy ANDERSON, David MARTIN, Julie WARD, Theresa GRIFFIN, Jude KIRTON-DARLING.

Glenis Willmott MEP and Labour MEPs in Europe have launched an international campaign this week with the aim to eradicate extreme poverty across the globe. Glenis is calling for ambitious targets to be set, known as Sustainable Development Goals, to …

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Labour MEP welcomes EU protection for victims of violence

domestic abuseVictims of violence will now benefit from extra protection thanks to new EU rules which came into force this week. Restraining, protecting and barring orders will now be easily recognised outside their country of origin, which will ensure that protection …

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Labour MEP welcomes compulsory palm oil labelling

Palm Oil InfographicA change in European law made by an East Midlands MEP will mean all products containing palm oil must be clearly labelled. The new requirements will come into force on 13 December and follow concerns from many consumers about unsustainable …

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Labour MEP Jumps for Dystonia!

Glenis and Vytenis Andriukaitis 2An East Midlands MEP has taken up the challenge to jump for dystonia and organised a photo shoot in the European Parliament to raise awareness of this little known brain disease. More than half a million people across Europe, including …

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