337,000 jobs at risk across the East Midlands

factory workerA third of a million jobs across the East Midlands are being put at risk by talk of Britain leaving the EU, the Region’s Labour MEP has said.

A new report earlier this week revealed that 337,000 jobs in the …

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Publish ALL Clinical Trials – Labour call

clinical trials microscopeMEPs will vote tomorrow on a wide-ranging package of transparency measures for clinical trial data. 

Studies have shown that around half of all clinical trials are never published, and negative results are less likely to be reported than positive results. …

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New rights for holidaymakers

Family on beach]#People who buy package holidays should be given stronger rights.

So says local MEP Glenis Willmott who, with her Labour colleagues in the European Parliament, voted yesterday to give greater protection to holidaymakers by pushing for stronger rights for people …

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Local Euro MP votes to make anti-union discrimination and blacklisting illegal

Hard Hat istockAcross Europe, it will be illegal to blacklist workers or discriminate on the grounds of trade union membership or activities, after Labour MEPs voted for key data protection legislation today.

The move comes after it was revealed that thousands of …

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Labour on the side of gardeners

seed trayFollowing pressure from Glenis Willmott and other Labour MEPs, the European Parliament this week rejected proposed changes to EU seed laws that could have reduced the range of plants available for growing in Britain.

The European Commission had put forward …

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Labour MEPs are ‘Sticking with Foncho’ this Fair Trade Fortnight

GW and fair tradeEast Midlands Labour MEP, Glenis Willmott, joined with Labour colleagues in the European Parliament this week to celebrate Fair Trade Fortnight by tucking into some fair trade banana bread.

This year’s campaign is asking people to ‘Stick with Foncho’, a …

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Labour MEPs vote to save children from deadly addiction to tobacco

Cig Packaging2Labour MEPs voted last week for measures that will save children from taking up smoking and becoming addicted to tobacco.

The measures would bring in larger picture warnings covering two-thirds of each cigarette pack, with governments free to introduce full …

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Apply now for EU aid for flood victims

iStock_000034927326SmallLabour MEPs this week called on David Cameron to apply now for European Union aid for flood-hit areas.

East Midlands Euro MP Glenis Willmott, Labour Leader in the European Parliament, said:

“The damage the floods have caused to people’s homes …

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Tories starve East Midlands’ food banks of millions in EU aid

iStock_000023726135SmallTory MEPs have voted against EU aid for the East Midlands’ poorest people, denying food banks millions of pounds.

The European Parliament voted overwhelmingly this week to endorse the Fund for European Aid to the most deprived.  However, the Conservatives …

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Labour MEP defends traffic light labels in Brussels

Traffic light labellingGlenis Willmott, Labour MEP for the East Midlands, is defending the traffic light food labelling scheme, which is widely used in the UK, after other EU countries have raised objections.  

“I have been a long standing supporter of the traffic …

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