New website for young people

Dear Sir

On 1 November the European Commission and the British Youth Council will be jointly launching their new website, OurSpace.  The aim of the website is to provide a platform for young people across Europe to debate on political issues, and to increase their understanding of and influence over the EU.

In the last European elections, only a third of people aged 18 to 24 voted. However, nearly 14 million young people across the EU are currently not in education, training or work so it is more important than ever for us to develop policies that genuinely offer a future to our young people.  If we do not start listening to, and addressing, their concerns, we will be failing an entire generation.

The OurSpace website gives young people the opportunity to debate and blog about issues that concern them – current topics include the minimum wage and votes at 16. They can also vote on proposals that will then be passed directly to EU decision makers.

In Brussels, I have been calling for a European Youth Guarantee to help young people avoid long-term unemployment.  However, contributions from young people themselves will enable us to develop better policies for them and I would encourage East Midlands residents aged 11 to 30 to get involved at

Yours faithfully

Glenis Willmott MEP (Lab, East Midlands)

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