New Euro laws show value of working together

New laws on patents passed in Strasbourg yesterday (Tuesday) show the value of working together across Europe, says a local Euro MP.

The European Parliament agreed a historic package of measures to set up an EU-wide patent system which will allow both individuals and companies to apply for a single patent valid throughout the European Union.

Glenis Willmott, the Leader of Britain’s Labour MEPs, said: “The new EU wide patent system will be affordable and accessible; a real improvement on the present system which is too expensive and cumbersome for inventors.”

“Up until now, if you wanted EU-wide protection for your invention, you would have to get your national patent translated and validated in each of the 27 EU countries, which costs about €32,000, around fifteen times the cost of a patent in America, for example.”

“The new laws will give inventors the protection they need to develop their products and build their businesses across the EU, driving forward jobs and growth.”

“By simplifying patent procedures and reducing costs for SMEs, universities, not-for-profit organisations, as well as individuals, this should encourage EU competitiveness.”


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