Pharma company drops transparency challenge following new Labour-led law

ClinicalTrialsJust one day after the European Parliament approved transparency measures for clinical trials, pharmaceutical company AbbVie have announced they are dropping their court case against the European Medicines Agency for attempting to publish clinical trial data.

Glenis Willmott MEP steered the Clinical Trials Regulation through the European Parliament, where it was adopted yesterday with an overwhelming majority.

“Opponents of transparency are now realising the need to change,” said Mrs Willmott. “It’s great to hear that one pharmaceutical company has backed down and I hope the one remaining legal challenge will also be dropped. Access to clinical trial data is essential for patient safety, scientific progress and public trust in medicine,” said Mrs Willmott.

“The transparency measures I fought for will apply to all future trials, but I also had my sights set on old data. The Regulation we approved yesterday includes a clear statement that Clinical Study Reports should not be seen as commercially confidential. This is vital in supporting the European Medicines Agency as they try to publish the data they hold on old trials.

“What we know about the medicines we are currently prescribed is based on old clinical trial data, and it is time that we were given the full picture.”

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